Monthly Archives: March 2013

What I imagine people say about me:

Any of these things: –She seems nice, but a little weird. –What is up with her? Is she stuck up or what? –She’s OK for here, but I’d hate to be alone with her, or go to her house. Awkward! –What was he kid wearing? –And her hair? –She seems smart, but kind of weird… […]

40 days of lent pics

1. Who am I? Wise people do not allow me anywhere near symbolism. There is a LOT here. My only approaches to wisdom are not explaining this, and posting it before reading my email. 2. return “return”. Because I often do in dreams, lo these 30 years later, but you really can’t. 118 degrees in […]


I see you. You want to be nice. Perhaps even kind. You smile at her, comfort her, roll your eyes at me. When she leaves, I get the truth. “She’s always like that. Who has time for it? It’s just exhausting!” I’ve heard this all my life, from people who don’t know. I’m just like […]

Positives about people with depression

I was reading one of those “things happy and successful people do” things, and it occurred to me that sometimes, happy and successful people are obnoxious and arrogant (see thisĀ for someone who thinks we can’t even be kind). That’s a brokenness no less dangerous. Who amongst us is healthy enough to be able to love, […]