40 days of lent pics

1. Who am I?

Wise people do not allow me anywhere near symbolism. There is a LOT here. My only approaches to wisdom are not explaining this, and posting it before reading my email.


2. return

“return”. Because I often do in dreams, lo these 30 years later, but you really can’t. 118 degrees in the shade, no electronic devices, no telephones, just cards and friends and water and boats. This is how I see desert- as home, where one can breathe the air, and it’s conveniently located, separately from the water.


3. see

Day 3- “see”. Took it earlier, not stealing from Amy Patterson (sorry to steal, left cable at home). Because we all see through our dirty windscreens, and even then, each individual sees through our lenses, which are smudged and scratched, reflect, and block things. They alter and filter the picture. We think we see reality, but what we perceive is at least one remove (if not many) from what’s really there. 

Bonus points if you immediately know which parking space I’m in.


4. injustice

This was my original thought on injustice. Strangely, I’m implicated in both cases.


Injustice, per children “cleaning up” their messes in their rooms today.


Day 5 settle

Settle- The snow has settled on the branches of this dogwood I get to admire every morning and evening. You may see the tree again come March.


Day 6- wonder

It follows the letter of the rules. Wonder what to do. Now I’ll go away for a while.


Day 7- evil

Some of them, at least


Day 8- love

Took her to the elementary school today to meet her brother for lunch, and she fit right in. This one could be any number of emotions, including fear and frustration (and 6 of the 7 next topics), but today it’s the obvious choice for love, because not only is she lovable, but very loving as well. (clearly, I never take these before the others are at school).


Day 9- spirit

Today’s photo. I love the effect of the water on the lens- it looks like the modern Western vision of a ghost. Maybe I will put up a cheerful one later.


Day 10- live

This is a road I’ve travelled often, hwy 50 out of Ely, NV. “The loneliest road in America”. It is desert and wilderness (giving self bonus points), but it has its beauty. It’s not a straight road. On this road, I’ve run out of gas 20 miles away one direction, 80 the other (father’s fault), had the timing belt on the car snap (that was actually fun!), had cops wave at us to slow down when going 20mph over limit, and been in a crash, where we left the bumper, ate some pancakes, and drove on. At one end of the trip, the best vacation ever. At the other, home. In the middle, hundreds of miles of this. Live (used as a verb)


Day 11- vision

Vision. O to see what my daughter sees in the mirror! (even the pizza sauce and messy hair) Other visions and images in the background. Thanks to Jaimie Perry-Hudson, for making the prop available :-), and my fabulous, brilliant and popular daughter for making me see something beautiful today, so I didn’t have to show you “lasagna as my older kids see it”, which would be appropriately horrifying and also exemplify the theme.



Lasagna as my kids see it. It was actually reasonably tasty and only slightly browned on the edges, but that was their vision. And yes, I know it’s obnoxious but it is someone’s picture of a lasagna left in an oven for 16 hours, so drown my moralising in ick.



13- cover

Cover- because there is no “seal” day (that must be in “40 days of Revelation photos”). 4 years of my life are covered up here, to keep them safe from me, till they are uncovered at the right time and place. (Anyone have a fax machine, because I don’t remember what all is in there, and I’m dying to remember?)



14- lift

I love my facebook friends! You have helped lift* me through some very lonely and frustrating times with RL. I love to hear what’s going on with you

(*just in case I don’t see anything better for my WOTD, tihs can do double duty)


“Lift”- My friend Golf-Tango-Whiskey-Echo-Lima, the very first air/aeroplane at whose controls I got to experience lift, gravity, thrust and drag working together towards pure joy. Balance is tricky but so much can be achieved when it is maintained.



15- hear

Hear. Everybody needs to feel heard, whether through prayer, journalling (proto-facebook!), imaginary friends, talking to their cars… I love to hear from people (all my facebook friends make my life brighter!), and I do listen and care. Who wants to hear from you?



17- earthly

I’m sure someone gave up puns for Lent, but it wasn’t me! “Earthly”. Genuine NC earth, (among all the superfluous shoes strewn haphazardly, mostly not in pairs because one is lost beneath other junk we have WAY too much of).



18- prophet

It’s easier to denounce false prophets than to understand real ones.



19- leave

“Leave”. Not only did I not give up puns for Lent, but I seem to have increased them. And it was quite a challenge to find a tree stupid enough to leave before today’s snow. Late Spring, this year.



20- thirst

Thirst. Mmm!



21- bless

Frankly, it puzzles me to be this blessed- it’s just not fair. And if I can say that right after the morning drop-offs and only 1 coffee… our morning scramble.



22- night

“Night”. When we are safe and warm in the light, the night looks uniformly dark and terrifying- do not all peoples have an instinctive fear of it? It’s the closest thing on the list to the desert or wilderness. As we’d say in GP, it’s not a place you go unless you have to. But when we’re actually out in the night, our eyes adjust, and we can see gradations of light and shadow, beautiful shapes, and stars amid the lurking terrors. And any small light shines clearly, as if it were a beacon. One we may not be able to reach, but even if seen through a window or at a distance, we know it’s there and are comforted. May we one day all sit in the light and warmth and eat and drink and enjoy each other’s company.



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